For a number of years there have been regular complaints from residents of the village about the speed of vehicles travelling through Brinklow and the risk to residents especially children. Over the past two years a small group of volunteers have attempted to make motorists aware of the speed they are travelling and the danger they are to both residents and other motorists. The action consists of the use of a speed recording device, it is not a camera, that gives the speed of an approaching vehicle. If the vehicle is a certain percentage speed over the limit then the volunteers record details of the vehicle and the driver and advise the police. The police then write to the registered owner of the vehicle giving them a warning as to further action that may be taken if reported again.

Since the campaign began over 800 motorists have received warning letters. There is no way that we can prove that what the team are doing is reducing the average speed through the village but what we can be certain of is that there are over 800 motorists that are now more careful driving through Brinklow.

The efforts of the team were recognised last year by The Rugby Community Safety Partnership as, in their words, ‘to be making an outstanding contribution to road safety’.

Should you feel that you could spare just a few hours a month to help increase the level of monitoring that is carried out then please contact Roger Pearson 01788 832947