We are delighted to inform you that superfast broadband is coming to some parts of Brinklow soon!

Cabinet Pailton 4 is now scheduled for upgrade meaning that many properties connected to it may soon be able to order superfast broadband from their internet service provider.

To check which cabinet you are connected to, go to dslchecker.bt.com and enter your landline number. An address can be entered, but using your landline number is much more accurate.

What are the benefits?

With superfast broadband it’s not just a case of doing the same things faster. Superfast broadband opens up a whole new world of possibilities:

· More than one device can be connected at one time, so you can have a number of laptops, tablets, smart TVs, or gaming equipment connected at the same time. Dad can catch up on last night’s TV whilst Mum can finish a report for work, at the same time as the kids talk on Skype and play computer games.
· Faster connections make working from home a reality. Faster download and upload speeds, less commuting, fewer distractions and the opportunity to introduce hot-desking can save time and money and create a better work/life balance.

Get the word out

Now that superfast broadband is on its way, it’s important to make sure that all residents in the area are informed. This is where we need your help. We are looking for people who live and/or work within our local communities to help us let people know that they may soon be able to order the new service. This could voluntarily involve putting up posters on local notice boards, delivering leaflets to households in your area and/or posting on social networking sites.

If you feel enthusiastic about the benefits of superfast broadband and would be willing to help us spread the word please:

Email us at: broadband@cswbroadband.org.uk

Or visit our website: http://www.cswbroadband.org.uk/get-involved/become-a-community-champion

Please Note: In some circumstances unexpected issues may arise that could affect the rollout of fibre in an area, even if the fibre cabinet has been built. When fibre becomes available, there is no guarantee that your property will receive superfast speeds due to distance from the cabinet and/or the quality of your copper connection.