Further to our recent comments and investigations, I would like to update you all on the recent events.

I can advise you all we have identified and investigated an area of concern therefore we have issued a statutory abatement notice to instigate controls and advise the owners enforcement action can be taken should our recommendations not be implemented.

We have undertaken extensive investigations and inspections into several areas inclusive of stockpiles of treated sludge, treated sewage and slurry spreading. We are working with farmers to ensure good agricultural practice is undertaken and to promote the ploughing in of manure as soon as possible after spreading has occurred. This department has no control over such practices unless it can be PROVEN there is a link between a specific nuisance and a specific premises.

Please note:

There may be other, natural, sources of the flies but by definition these are almost impossible to control due to problems with access and distance. It is not possible to control a widespread fly infestation once the flies are mature insects. Controls are really only effective when used at the source of the infestation at the larval stages.
Therefore we ask you to remain vigilant and continue to advise us of any areas or sightings of concern (i.e. stock piles of slurry, manure heaps, spreading and active fly swarms) and we will investigate; we will also continue to undertake proactive inspections and processes in areas under our control or of concern.

Advice on controlling house fly numbers in domestic properties:

When fly nuisance occurs then it is best to exclude flies by keeping doors and windows shut or installing fly screens or curtains. Avoid the use of bright lights during daylight especially halogen lighting commonly found in modern kitchens. If possible keep curtains drawn in little used rooms such as bedrooms, this avoids encouraging flies to enter these rooms from corridors and passageways.

If you are using fly spray follow the instructions on the container carefully. Fly papers are effective but should be used with caution in kitchens (ensure they are not hung over cookers or sources of flames).

House Flies are NOT attracted to Ultra Violet electric fly traps.

As a resident you can help to minimise the fly population by taking a few simple precautions:

* Ensure all food waste is wrapped in sealed plastic bags prior to placing in your black wheelie bin. Make sure that the lid of the bin is kept closed. Any food waste/liquid that gathers in the bottom of the bin should be cleaned out and/or disinfected.

* If you own a dog ensure that you clear up any fouling immediately and put the waste into a litter bin in a sealed plastic bag.

Thank you all for support and patience throughout this investigation

Kind regards

Principal Environmental Health Officer.