One of Brinklow’s residents has put forward some ideas for improving communications within the village:

  • A weekly newsletter, specific to Brinklow, to provide instant news of village life.  Contributions would be welcomed from anyone, including organisations within the village, such as the Football Club, or family news which people want to share.  
  • It is suggested that the contributions could be sent to a dedicated email address, or left at specified places in the village, such as the shop or the Community Hall.  
  • Is anyone interested in developing this idea?  Do you have other ideas to include in such a newsletter?  
  • Annual recognition of someone in the village who has made a significant contribution to the community.   Is this something you would support?
  • Financial support from the Parish Council to fund an allotment for gardeners who would like to share with others, growing flowers or vegetables for the community.  Would you be interested in such a scheme?

If anyone is interested in taking any of the above ideas forward, please contact Phil Creek, Parish Clerk, on or on mobile 07767 380696