Brinklow Parish Council would like to make the following observations for consideration under the Draft Consultation process, regards the proposal to build 100 new homes in the Parish and the proposal to locate a ‘new village’ at the site of Walsgrave Hill Farm, Coombe Fields, Near Coventry.

Development with Brinklow

The Parish Council would like to object to the proposed development of green belt land for 100 homes in Brinklow as detailed in the draft Local Plan. The parish is concerned about the effect this would have on wild life, the loss of productive farm land and the development further erodes the rural character of the village.
The proposed development site on Lutterworth road is partly situated on a flood plain and we are concerned that house building in this area will increase surface water runoff which will increase the risk of flooding. This may potentially impact on the houses that are built in this area and increase the probability of the road flooding.
We strongly object to the proposal to build 100 homes in a 5 year period on this site. The development will generate a 25% expansion of the village in 5 years and the Parish Council believes the time period is both unreasonable and unfair. The short time period and concentration of housing will place undue demands on services and infrastructure, which we believe have not been properly assessed. We are particularly concerned that our GP service and local schools, which we understand are already at capacity and will not be able to cope with a sudden influx of people. Should the development be approved we would expect local services to be properly assessed, supported and there should be no loss in broadband speed for the village…

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