At the draw made on October 4th the lucky winners were no 2 (£25) and no 38 (£10). Winners will have been contacted. The November draw will be for the usual £25 and £10 prizes but the December draw will have extra prizes of £100, £75 and £46. Subscriptions have provided £791 for the church’s restoration fund in 2015 and £791 in prizes. Thank you for your support. Let’s see if we can do even better in 2016!
New subscriptions are invited for 2016 @ £12 for January – December draws. Prizes will depend on amount raised but will amount to 50% of the subscriptions. Existing members are requested to renew their membership.. Subs. must be paid in by December 31st 2015 to be eligible for the first draw of 2016. Application forms will be delivered with Round the Revel in November or can be downloaded from
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Thank you in anticipation for your support.