I am very much aware of the local feeling about the recent incidents in Brinklow and how this is impacting on the local community. I am also aware of the concerns raised by residents on the Brinklow village facebook page. Having read the posts on there, I became concerned that there might be a misconception that there is a higher crime rate in the village than is actually reality. As a result, I have trawled through all the police incidents reported to us since 1st October 2016. Here is a breakdown of the figures to date:

Burglary Other (shed/detatched garages etc) – 1 crime.
Criminal Damage – 2 crimes.
Theft from motor vehicle – 3 crimes.
Vehicle interference (e.g trying door handles but no entry gained) – 2 crimes.
Theft – 1 crime.
Theft of motor vehicle – 1 crime.

I must emphasise, any crime is hugely regrettable and obviously something we do not want to see. This is not meant to water down the impact that being a victim of crime has on an individual or community. What I want to do is offer some facts as to the current state of affairs.

In order to try and offer reassurance to the residents of Brinklow, and to try and reduce further offences, I have added a tasking to the force briefing document for officers from our Patrol and Operations Patrol Unit (Traffic) departments to patrol Brinklow and its surrounds during any downtime that they may have during their tour of duty. I have also asked colleagues from the Safer Neighbourhood Team to do the same. I will also be sitting down with PCSO Banks to try and organise a property marking event in the village over the next few weeks so that the community can have their valuables overtly marked and make them less desirable to would-be thieves.

May I also take this opportunity to encourage the community to visit the Rugby Rural North section of the Warwickshire Police website to vote on the poll for the next community forum priorities which will be set at this weekends’ “Super Forum” in Rugby. The two most popular suggested priorities in terms of votes cast will be adopted by the SNT.

The website and page can be accessed here: https://www.warwickshire.police.uk/article/2237/Rugby-Rural-North. The poll is accessed through the ‘Team Priorities’ tab on the right-hand side of the page.

I hope that this reply will go some way to reassuring the community that the police are and do take concerns seriously and we will act to reduce the risk of crime taking place.

PC 1906 Stuart Baker
Beat Manager
Rugby Rural North Safer Neighbourhood Team
Rugby Police Station
Newbold Road
CV21 2DH
(744) 3876
(01788) 541111 x 3876

In response to Vera McBays email dated 27th October

Good Evening,
This week there have been three incidents in Brinklow involving thefts.Please confirm what action is being taken as we appear to be a target at the moment One van was broken into in middle of day while owner in Dehli.How brazen is that.

It is getting completely unacceptable and a police presence would be appreciated.


Vera Mcbay
Parish councillor.