Hi, welcome to the relaunch of Brinklow website.

We have been fortunate to have found technological talent within the village to keep our website updated and dynamic.

My intention is to write a short update each week with village news. But I don’t have a hot line to all local activities, so the more contact I have from any one reading this the more interesting it will be.

One aim is to keep up to date with all the local road closures. The bridge on the Easenhall road will be closed soon and that road maybe shut for sometime. Smeaton lane will be closed too.

We also receive information from Matt Havelock our CPSO, informing us of local scams, crimes and arrests. I hope passing this information on will lead to greater awareness of local nefarious activites and that folks might pass on details to neighbours who don’t have access to the web.

Speaking of the Web, we do receive information about Brinklow’s place on the roll out of faster broadband. I will post the link and also keep track of our rise to the top of that rather long list.

While the website is managed by the parish council, I would be delighted to receive information, suggestions and such to be included.

Photographs, changing with the seasons would be really nice

Best contact is from the message box at the bottom of the home page, but my phone number is also on the parish council page.