Notes from meeting held Tuesday January 24th 2017
Thanks to the 35 people who attended and those who have said they are willing to help but could not attend. The enthusiasm for this community event was wonderful. There was a brief powerpoint presentation which highlighted the need for lots of support during the 3 day event.
It was agreed that there would be a steering Committee who would meet at least monthly – those who volunteered were: Tim Carpenter-Balmer who also agree to take over as chairperson. Paul Fletcher, Scott Cuvzelis, Geoff Lines, Sarah Ashcroft, Tony Super, Julie Hobson and Jeanette Lomas.
There is a need for a separate website for the Festival which will link in with the Facebook page and Parish Council website. Scott, Paul and Sarah agreed to look into this.
Scarecrow Entries – has been taken over by Margot.
Programmes will be organised by Geoff Lines and Paul Fletcher.
The Village Events Committee agreed to run a Tombola stall.
Stalls for the Festival would be explored by the Events Committee and Carolyn Murphy.
The church and URC will provide refreshments and there was talk about the Youth Club also running a refreshments stall – we need someone to co-ordinate so we can make sure people know where refreshments are being sold.
The Scouts will provide cream teas in the Scout hut again and offered their big Marquee as well as small marquees used last year.
Barry Cox and June Reid volunteered to organise the bunting around the village.
A Pet show was suggested and Gillian Taylor & Yvonne Weaver said they would organise.
Tony Super, Geoff Lines and Jeanette Lomas agreed to do signage.
Car Parking will be organised by Pete, Tania & Raymond Cross.
Raffle prizes, Funding for event , Publicity./Posters, radio interviews etc. will be lead by Sarah Ashcroft, Carolyn Murphy, Carolyn Leech, Holly Aristolou, Maria Mead & Lisa Ridge
Kaye and Daniel from The Bulls Head agreed to fund 3 banners advertising the Festival to go at each entrance to the village.
Jane Smith volunteered to liaise with the football club.
There will be a history of Brinklow exhibition – Diane Lindsay.
Jennie Boonham will be the Parish Council representative attending the open meetings.
It was agreed that the Steering Committee will meet on Monday February 6th and that there will be an Open Meeting where the Steering Committee and sub-groups will report back. Anyone in the village who is interested will be welcome to attend – Tuesday March 14th at 7.30 p.m. in the Community Hall.
Thank you once again, Jeanette Lomas